Quality Of The Automatic Cutting Machine Solenoid Valve

- Jul 16, 2019-

How to judge the quality of the automatic cutting machine solenoid valve:

(1) Judging from the appearance: the solenoid valve of good quality, the surface of the valve body is usually relatively flat, without sand holes, etc., the edge of the valve body is chamfered fine, the smoothness of the hole wall is high, the oil port mark and the brand logo letter are positive and neat. Clear;

(2) Spool: The valve core is an important component of the solenoid valve. It can be said that the performance of the solenoid valve is directly determined and the service life is long. Good quality solenoid valves usually use high hardness, high wear resistance metal materials, and have strict requirements on machining accuracy to ensure that the solenoid valve can work stably under high pressure. The solenoid valve uses a low carbon alloy steel material valve core with a machining error between 0.003mm and 0.005mm. If a valve core is placed in the valve body, the valve body is suspended vertically, and the valve core with high precision will be retained in the valve body, and the precision is usually directly dropped out;

(3) The solenoid valve has high requirements on the smoothness, roundness and concentricity of the valve body, and the oil sealing groove should be smooth and round;

(4) Solenoid valve coil component, silicon steel sheet or copper wire coil used for better quality solenoid valve has sufficient component;

(5) Noise during energization, the solenoid valve with better quality works louder, and the solenoid valve with lower quality is more noisy and the noise changes greatly.