Reasons For Safety Problems Of Cutting Machine

- Jun 21, 2019-

In the use of the cutting machine, when the two work buttons work together and the time is precisely required, the two work buttons need to be synchronized. The synchronization is based on specifying a common time reference between the two work buttons. That is, the simple description is that when the cutting machine is synchronized when the cutting machine is in use, even if the Honggang user presses one of the work buttons in advance and presses another work button, the cutting machine will not work. It is necessary to press the two work buttons at the same time. It will work when you live, so it will be safer to operate.

What is the reason why the cutting machine has a slow down speed but a normal rising speed?

1. Check that the travel switch is stuck or the travel switch is broken;

2. Change the position of the relay and press firmly;

3. The solenoid valve is faulty, such as a stuck valve;

4. Oil pump pumping failure requires professional inspection;

Contactors are divided into AC contactors (voltage AC) and DC contactors (voltage DC), which are used for power, distribution and power. The contactor refers broadly to an electrical appliance that uses a coil to flow a current to generate a magnetic field in an industrial power to close the contact to achieve a controlled load.