Reduce The Thermal Deformation Of Automatic Cutting Machine

- Jan 21, 2021-

What methods can be used to reduce the hot deformation of cutting machine? The following small series to tell you.

(1) Reduce heat and insulation. In order to reduce the heating of the process system, it is possible to separate the heat source from the main machine. Such as motor, gearbox, lead screw pair, oil tank, etc. should be placed on the outside of the machine as far as possible. For a heat source that can be separated, such as the main bearing, screw pair, gear pair, friction clutch, and other parts and components, the structure and lubrication side should be improved to improve the friction characteristics, reduce heat.

(2) The heat of the cutting machine, thus controlling the temperature rise and thermal deformation of the machine tool. For example, CNC machine tools and machine tools, such as machining center, generally use the freezer to carry out forced cooling of lubricating oil, greatly reducing the spindle box parts of the heat and deformation.

(3) To accelerate the temperature rise and maintain the thermal balance. The rule of internal thermal deformation shows that the thermal deformation becomes constant after the cutting machine reaches the thermal balance during the preheating stage of the machine tool, and then the machining accuracy can be guaranteed. This can shorten the preheating period of the machine, improve productivity and ensure machining accuracy.