Reduce Thermal Deformation Of Automatic Cutting Machine Processing

- Aug 18, 2020-

How to reduce the thermal deformation of automatic cutting machine processing?

What methods can be used to reduce the thermal deformation of the cutting machine? Let me tell you the following editor.

(1) Reduce heat generation and heat insulation. In order to reduce the heat generation of the machine tool in the process system, all heat sources that may be separated from the host. Such as the motor, gearbox, screw pair, fuel tank, etc., should be placed outside the machine tool as much as possible. For parts and components that can separate the heat source, such as main shaft bearings, screw pairs, wheel pairs, friction clutches, etc., the friction characteristics should be improved from the structure and lubrication to reduce heat generation.

(2) The heat of the cutting machine is used to control the temperature rise and thermal deformation of the machine tool. For machine tools such as CNC machine tools and processing towel cores, refrigerators are commonly used to forcibly cool the lubricating oil, which greatly reduces the heating and deformation of the headstock components.

(3) Speed up the temperature rise and maintain thermal balance. According to the law of internal thermal deformation, after the cutting machine reaches thermal equilibrium in the preheating stage of the machine tool, the thermal deformation gradually tends to be fixed, and the machining accuracy can be guaranteed after that. Out of this, shorten the warm-up period of the machine tool, which is beneficial to increase productivity and ensure machining accuracy.