Repair And Maintenance Of Four-post Cutting Machine

- Sep 04, 2020-

Cutting machine maintenance is the general term for two types of homework, machine maintenance and repair. Maintenance is a daily flow of maintaining the designated technical functions of the equipment, and repair is a flow of troubleshooting and restoring the technical functions of the equipment.

When the cutting machine is in use, due to various phenomena such as wear, erosion, fatigue, deformation, and aging of the parts, the accuracy is reduced, the function is reduced, and the product quality is affected. When the situation is severe, the equipment will stop. Cutting machine maintenance is a technological flow adopted by maintaining and repairing the machine, reducing its deterioration, extending its service life, and maintaining or restoring its designated functions.

The homework of the cutting machine maintenance includes equipment inspection, adjustment, lubrication, timely handling and presentations when abnormal phenomena are found. In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, reduce wear, protect accuracy and extend service life, reasonable lubrication, maintenance and maintenance are necessary.