Repair Of Hydraulic Four-column Cutting Machine

- Aug 28, 2019-

When the cutting machine is in use, all kinds of wear, erosion, fatigue, deformation, aging, etc. of the parts cause the precision to decrease, the function is reduced, and the product quality is affected. When the situation is severe, the equipment will be shut down. Cutting machine repair is a technical flow taken by maintaining and repairing the machine, reducing its degradation, extending its service life, and maintaining or restoring the functions defined by the machine.

The homework maintenance of the cutting machine includes equipment inspection, adjustment, lubrication, timely detection of abnormal phenomena and lectures. In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, reduce wear, protect the accuracy and extend the service life, it is necessary to provide reasonable lubrication, maintenance and maintenance.

1. Inspection of the cutting machine

The inspection of the cutting machine is mainly for daily inspection. The main contents are vibration, noise, looseness, temperature rise, pressure and flow of the equipment. Generally, the appearance and appearance of the machine can be judged by the sensory, simple instrument, and the state of the processed product. Such as the temperature, pressure and speed of the mechanical cutting machine bearings, punching accuracy, noise, oil quality and leakage of the hydraulic cutting machine. In short, it is necessary to determine the location and cycle of inspection according to the complexity of the cutting machine, the characteristics of the function, the importance of the quality of the product, etc., in order to formulate the repair parts, time and technical preparation. The inspection work is generally carried out by the operator and the maintenance worker. Responsible.

2. Lubrication of the cutting machine

Cutting machine lubrication is an important measure to reduce the wear and tear of parts during operation and avoid malfunctions. Poor lubrication of mechanical cutting machine bearings leads to accidents such as fever and seizure. Therefore, lubrication work is one of the important contents of the maintenance of the cutting machine. The method of lubricating “five-sets” is implemented, which standardizes the daily lubrication work, regulates the system, refines the content, and is simple and easy to remember.

The details are:

(1) Fixed point: Determine the lubrication part, lubrication point and check point of the equipment.

(2) Qualification: Oil according to the grease grade specified in the machine copy.

(3) Quantification: Determine the amount of oil added to the lubrication part of the equipment to prevent oil leakage in the paving and management equipment.

(4) On schedule: Refuel, add oil and clean oil according to the time specified in the machine copy to ensure timely lubrication.

(5) Personnel: The operator or maintenance worker who determines the lubrication work is responsible to the person.