Requirements For The Maintenance And Maintenance Of Automatic Cutting Machines

- Nov 29, 2019-

1. Check the main parts of the fully automatic cutting machine before work and add some lubricant.

2. Use the machine strictly in accordance with the operating procedures of the automatic cutting machine, pay attention to observe the running condition of the machine, and find the problem in time.

3. Before each shift, clean the work and touch the lubricated surface and shiny surface of the fully automatic cutting machine.

4. Fully automatic cutting machine Under normal working conditions, the automatic cutting machine is cleaned once every two weeks and checked once.

Automatic cutting machine technical safety matters:

1. After the automatic cutting machine is installed successfully, it must be ensured that the safety protection device is complete and the pipeline and pipeline are complete. Properly ground the electrical concept.

2. When repairing, adjusting, refueling, wiping and inspecting, the fully automatic cutting machine must first turn off the power.

3. Before you open your mind, pay attention to the surrounding environment, whether someone is working under the machine.

4. When operating, do not place the self-priming pump on the console to place unrelated items such as tanks and tools.

5. If an accident occurs after the operation, or the machine makes an abnormal sound and paper jam, etc., stop the operation immediately.