Solve The Cutting Machine Oil Leakage

- Apr 16, 2020-

How to solve the cutting machine oil leakage:

First, to determine the structure of the machine, the general hydraulic cutting machine is divided into rocker cutting machine, four-post cutting machine, plane cutting machine, gantry cutting machine. The cutting machine with different structure has different oil leakage factors.

Second, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer when the oil leakage of the cutting machine, let the manufacturer analyze the cause, repair under the guidance of the manufacturer, do not operate without authorization. Watson's cutting machine is maintained for life, so if you have any after-sales questions, you can consult for free.

Third, take a picture of the machine and the nameplate of the machine (the picture of the machine is convenient for the manufacturer to know what kind of structure the machine is. The nameplate of the machine is for the manufacturer to identify the factory serial number, model, year, date of manufacture, etc.)

Fourth, share with you the biggest factor of the oil leakage at the bottom of the rocker cutting machine today. If the machine has been used for more than ten years and the oil at the bottom of the rocker cutting machine leaks, the first check point is whether the bottom seal is aging or the glue is falling off. Maintenance methods: 1. Evacuate the hydraulic oil inside the machine; 2. Lift the machine with a truck or forklift; 3. Open the cylinder head under the machine; 4. Replace the new gasket; 5. Use glass glue to remove The cylinder head is well sealed and can be dried.

Summary: It is suggested that the oil leakage of the cutting machine, please contact the manufacturer to consult the after-sale service, please do not repair it without authorization. The above solutions for oil leakage of the rocker cutting machine are for reference only.