Some Fault Solutions For Automatic Cutting Machine

- Dec 11, 2020-

1. Indicator light is not on: The whole machine has no power

2. Transformer insurance burn down: replace the fuse

3. Brake switch not turned on: turn on power brake switch

4. If the indicator light is not on, the motor can be started: it indicates that the bulb is burnt out and replaced

5. The motor cannot be started when the indicator is on

(1) Motor protection switch switch: turn on the motor protection switch

(2) Defective or burnt main control contactor: replace contactor

(3) Motor burn down: replace the motor

6. The indicator light can start the motor but cannot work

(1) Set the knife die switch to the horizontal position to lock the oil circuit: set the knife die high set switch to the straight direction

(2) Motor steering error: replace and connect two phase lines of the motor

(3) Bad contact of the work switch thread falls off: check that the wire is properly connected

(4) Solenoid valve coil burnt out: replace the coil or the entire solenoid valve

(5) Solenoid valve spool stuck: clean spool

(6) Loose stroke adjustment handle: reset the knife die

7. Unable to work and reset: the circuit board in the electrical box is burned and replaced

8. Can work but not reset: circuit board in the electrical box burned to replace the circuit board

9. Lack of stress at work

(1) Cutting material layer too thick: reduce the material layer

(2) The setting stroke of the die is too low: adjust it to the appropriate position

(3) Filter screen blockage: clean or replace the filter

(4) Oil pump damage: replace the oil pump

10. Oil leakage

(1) Aging oil seal of oil cylinder: replace the oil seal

(2) Loose high pressure tubing joint: tighten the joint

11. Motor pump noise

(1) Wear of rubber particles in oil pump rotation: replace the rubber particles

(2) Filter screen blockage: clean the filter screen

(3) Hydraulic oil loss: add enough hydraulic oil

(4) Oil pump bearing damage: replace the bearing

(5) Aging oil seal at shaft end of oil pump: replace the oil seal

(6) Motor bearing damage: replace the bearing

12. The engine cannot rise or fall after slowing down or rising

(1) Aging of oil cylinder sealing ring: replace the sealing ring

(2) Solenoid valve core wear: replace the solenoid valve

(3) Reduced viscosity of pressure oil: replace the pressure oil

(4) Poor plate contact: check the line

(5) The main route cannot be switched: check the circuit

(6) Solenoid valve stuck: Flush valve body