Status Of Cutting Machine Use

- Dec 06, 2019-

1. Mechanical transmission cutting machines, although there are still manufacturers continue to produce, some small, individual manufacturers are still using, but this form of cutting machine is bound to be eliminated.

2. The hydraulic drive cutting machine is still in the mainstream. Among the hydraulic cutting machines, a large number of rocker-type cutting machines with a tonnage of 8-20 tons are used. Most of the flat and gantry cutting machines are used for relatively large manufacturers, and are more suitable for punching leather and artificial non-metallic materials.

3. The automatic cutting machine has already been used in China. Due to the improvement of the modernization of the manufacturing industry, there may be a certain market in the near future. But in the near future, it will not be possible to replace the hydraulic cutting machine.

(1) The principle of the first face and the back hole. The parts of the cutting machine bracket should be machined mainly flat (and may also include some minor large planes), and the post-machined holes. Machining the hole with the plane as the reference can provide a stable and damaging positioning reference for the hole processing, and it is easy to ensure the machining accuracy of the hole and the technical requirements of the day. In addition, the main flat direction is the assembly reference of the bracket and the carcass in the machine L. The main plane is first processed to make the positioning and the assembly difficult to overlap, thereby eliminating the positioning error caused by the reference not being heavy.

(2) The principle of separation between coarse and fine. For the bracket case parts with high precision of the cutting machine and the relatively rigid parts, in order to reduce the deformation of the machining calendar, the coarse and the phase machining are generally carried out separately, that is, after the rough machining of the main plane and the support hole, the surface of the rod is carried out. finishing. This is beneficial to the aging treatment between coarse and fine machining, and is beneficial to ensure the processing accuracy. For bracket housing parts that are not too precise and have good rigidity, the roughing and finishing can be omitted.

According to the above two principles, the process of the high-precision box-receiving parts is to cast a blank, and a line of the slab is added to the slab. [Main plane, roughing support hole, aging treatment, one line, one finishing, main flat group A finishing of the text bearing hole is processed by other minor surfaces.

Generally, the mechanical cutting machine has a faster speed and stable operation (after the adjustment, the lower stroke limit does not change), and the punching force is large; the biggest disadvantage is that the noise is large. Therefore, since the 1960s, it has gradually replaced the hydraulic drive cutting machine.