Straightening System Of The Rocker Cutting Machine

- May 23, 2019-

The straightening system of the rocker cutting machine is straightened as follows:

The straightening principle mainly includes reverse straightening, straightening, straightening, and straightening. Rotational straightening is mainly used for straightening of round bar stocks. The most common methods are hole mode straightening and skew roll straightening. Both are ways of rotating the bar.

In rotary straightening, hole pattern straightening is the earliest development of straightening method, which is characterized by the rotation of the hub instead of the rotation of the round material, achieving the same straightening purpose, suitable for straightening of the disk, but The disadvantages are: large friction loss; large consumption of hole mold; easy damage of round material surface; difficulty in feeding the head; large frictional friction; the tail of the material often rotates with the rotating hub and cannot be straightened by the cutting machine. Straight; when the feed is blocked, the hole mold will grind the strip.

The skew roll straightening method is a straightening method developed later. The method is that the contour of the straightening roller is designed to have a hyperbolic shape, and is installed in the drum by tilting it at an angle centering on the contact point of the steel bar. During the straightening process, the straightening roller rotates around its own axis while revolving around the axis of the rolling element, so that the surface of the steel bar is free from scratches and the linearity is good; the production efficiency is improved, the power is saved, and the noise is reduced. Overcome the shortcomings of hole pattern straightening.

In use, because of various wear, erosion, fatigue, deformation, aging, etc., the precision is reduced, the function is reduced, and the product quality is affected. When the situation is severe, the equipment will be shut down. Cutting machine repair is a technical flow taken by maintaining and repairing the machine, reducing its degradation, extending its service life, and maintaining or restoring the functions defined by the machine.

The homework maintenance of the rocker cutting machine includes equipment inspection, adjustment, lubrication, timely detection of abnormal phenomena and lectures. In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, reduce wear, protect the accuracy and extend the service life, it is necessary to provide reasonable lubrication, maintenance and maintenance.