Surface Roughness Of Cutting Machine

- Jun 10, 2020-

In the manufacturing process of mechanical parts, the knife gangrene left by the cutter or the grinding wheel, the plastic intersection when the chips are separated, and the vibration of the machine tool, etc., so that the obtained friend surface of the part will always leave a fine The unevenness can be seen with the naked eye on the rough-processed surface, refined: the rear surface can still be observed with a magnifying glass or a microscope. It is called surface roughness, also known as micro unevenness.

The stroke control of the hydraulic cutting machine includes the upper limit position adjustment and the lower limit position control. There are several methods to adjust the upper limit position of its working mechanism.

1. Change the position of the travel switch and adjust it by mechanical-electrical-hydraulic interlock control. In the 1960s to 1970s, many hydraulic cutting machines produced at home and abroad were adjusted in this way to adjust the upper limit position of the working mechanism. In some new cantilever hydraulic cutting machines, there are also machines that use traditional hydraulic cutting machines -The type of liquid interlock control method, such as 8LE, 8LES, 8LEST, 8LEST and other models produced by the German scbon company, but the non-contact switch is used.

2. Electric: The motor is adjusted through a mechanical transmission mechanism with a power shaft pressure plate, such as the 06135 / P1 hydraulic cutting machine with a hydraulic swing arm device.

3. Manual: Turn the handwheel to directly drive the vertical shaft pressure plate to adjust through the screw movement of the screw.

4. Hydraulic: Turn the hand wheel and adjust the machine automatically through the hydraulic servo system.

Automatic cutting machine equipment includes: computer-controlled moving head cutting machine, laser cutting machine (oscillating cutter), high-pressure water beam cutting machine and computer cutting machine. In addition, Italian and British USM companies produce a projection cutting machine. The equipment's lower table is equipped with an oscillating cutter and a visual observation device for contour scanning of leather or projection on leather to guide cutting The worker arranges the set of cutting patterns on the leather.