Swing Arm Cutting Machine Pressure Is Unstable

- May 12, 2020-

First check whether the fine-tuning positioner is damaged. For example, you can adjust different values of the positioner to cut the air several times to feel that the pressure is not the same every time. If there are many times, the positioner is not sensitive and needs to be replaced. Another problem is that no matter how large the value of the positioner is, the pressure does not change, indicating that the positioner is broken and needs to be replaced.

Instable circuit board contact and insensitive solenoid valves can cause pressure instability.

Rocker cutting machine pressure is reduced:

The trimmer is damaged and the pressure does not change regardless of how it is adjusted. It needs to be replaced.

The oil pump is damaged and the inside of the oil pump is worn and needs to be replaced.

The oil cylinder or oil pipe joint is loose. Check the oil cylinder for oil leakage. According to the type of rocker cutting machine, the oil of a rocker is from the bottom of the machine head, and the upper side of the housing overflows, which can be easily seen. The second type of rocker cutting machine needs to open the fuel tank cap to see if the bottom of the cylinder is injected with fuel. If it is determined that the oil is leaking, replace the seal in time. There are very few chances that the oil cylinder and oil cylinder plunger will be damaged and the oil will leak, and remember to check whether the oil pipe joint is loose.

The temperature of the hydraulic oil is too high, for example: it suddenly becomes smaller after being used for a period of time, even without pressure. After a few hours of downtime, the pressure was used again, and then it was used for a period of time. In this case, it is recommended to replace the hydraulic oil, remember to buy cheap hydraulic oil cheaply.