Switch Problem Of Cutting Machine

- Dec 21, 2020-

First of all, there is not only one switch on the cutting machine, each switch controls different parts, so the problems of each switch will be different, of course, the problems of other electrical components and hydraulic components will also have the same problems.

Power switch. When the power switch is started and the cutting machine is not powered on, check the factory's 380V voltage for normal power supply at first, and then check whether the power switch wiring is loose and the switch is damaged, or check whether the thermal relay is overloaded.

Oil pump starting switch. When the oil pump starting switch is started and the cutting machine does not operate, please check whether the wiring of the switch is loose or the switch is damaged, and then check whether the 220V voltage of the transformer is energized.

Blanking switch, in the hands according to the blanking switch, cutting machine head not stamping down, please check whether the connection is loose or switch is damaged, then check whether plate protection switch failure (some cutting vendors would not plate protection switch can ignore this, and plate protection switch specific questions please look down).

If there is no problem above, please continue to check the intermediate relay for failure. It is recommended to replace it and finally consider whether the solenoid valve coil is damaged.

Emergency stop switch. In the case of pressing the emergency stop switch, please replace the switch immediately if the cutting machine pressure head does not rise in an emergency, so as to avoid being unable to use in the process of using in the future, thus causing huge losses.

Setting switch. When the setting switch is on, it can set whether the switch wiring is loose or the switch is damaged without the pressure head of cutting machine falling down.