Talk About The Hydraulic System Of The Hydraulic Cutting Machine

- Dec 13, 2019-

The cutting machine manufacturer tells you that the hydraulic components are the core components of construction machinery. The domestic industry scale of more than 30 billion yuan per year, the import ratio of hydraulic components exceeds 70%, and the high-end products are almost entirely imported. The output value of hydraulic industry in various countries accounts for about 3% of the output value of the machinery industry, while China only accounts for about 0.18%. There is still room for development in China's hydraulic industry. Import substitution, stock surges, maintenance market growth and infrastructure growth are the core drivers of industry growth.

Hydraulic cutting machine manufacturers tell you that construction machinery has developed rapidly in recent years, and the stock has grown rapidly. Hydraulic component failures account for almost half of the failures in construction machinery. For the foreseeable future, the scale of hydraulic component repair market will explode. At the same time, the huge supporting market for construction machinery mainframes, the current localization rate is not high, mainly relying on imports and foreign-invested enterprises in China, the import substitution space is huge.

Miniaturization and miniaturization are development trends, product life is the main gap between domestic and foreign products, surface treatment processes and materials are the key points to improve product life.

The hydraulic cutting machine manufacturer tells you that the world engineering machinery is developing in the direction of the two poles, especially the trend toward miniaturization and miniaturization. As the main engine develops toward miniaturization, hydraulic components are also developed significantly and relatively quickly in a small direction.

The hydraulic cutting machine manufacturer tells you that the processing methods and capabilities of China's hydraulic industry companies have been greatly improved in recent years, but there are major problems in the surface treatment process, so the product life is low, material heat treatment, surface treatment, castings, forged parts Such problems are the main means to improve the life of the product. Only by vigorously promoting the advanced surface treatment process can the service life of hydraulic products be improved.