Technical Safety Considerations For Hydraulic Four Column Cutting Machine

- Aug 30, 2019-

(1) After the machine is installed, it is necessary to ensure that the safety protection device is complete and the lines and pipelines are complete. Ground the electrical idea properly.

(2) The machine must first block the power supply during repair, adjustment, refueling, wiping, and inspection to avoid danger.

(3) Before you open the head, you must pay attention to the surrounding environment to see if anyone is working under the machine.

(4) During the homework, the workbench does not allow the self-priming pump to place any irrelevant items such as oil cans and tools.

(5) If there is an accident after driving, or if there is abnormal sound and jamming, it is necessary to check immediately.

(6) During the operation of the machine, it is strictly forbidden to reach into the cutting area. Even in the case of parking, it is strictly forbidden to perform tool change and adjustment in the cutting area.

(7) The brake department must be inspected frequently. Under no circumstances should the press plate on the cutting machine be re-cut or spontaneously moved (slipping).