Technical Safety Precautions Of Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine

- Jun 03, 2020-

(1) After the machine is installed, it is necessary to ensure that the safety protection devices are complete and the lines and pipelines are complete. Ground the electrical idea properly.

(2) When repairing, adjusting, refueling, wiping, and inspecting the machine, the power supply must be blocked to avoid danger.

(3) Before opening the head device, you must pay attention to the surrounding environment to see if there are still people working under the machine.

(4) During homework, no irrelevant items such as oil cans and tools are allowed on the workbench.

(5) If an unexpected situation occurs after driving, or there is abnormal sound and jamming, etc., parking must be checked immediately.

(6) It is strictly forbidden to extend the hand into the cutting area during the operation of the machine. Even in the parking situation, it is strictly prohibited to carry out work such as tool change and adjustment in the cutting area.

(7) The brake department must be inspected frequently. Under no circumstances should the pressure plate on the cutting machine be recut or spontaneously moved (sliding down).