The Concept Of Cutting Machine And Cutting Equipment

- Feb 01, 2021-

In the production process of non-metallic material products, the first thing to do is to cut various shapes of parts from the whole material, this process is called cutting or cutting or blanking. Cutting material is commonly used in industrial and agricultural production of material processing methods, from a variety of methods, is generally the use of cutting tools in a certain external force under the action of the realization, such as: shear, cut, cut, engraved, etc.. According to the technological characteristics of cutting and the principle of cutting machine, it can be divided into punching and cutting.

1. Cutting machine (blanking equipment)

Blanking is under the action of external forces, such as cutting tools, punches and other impact to the inside of the leather material to cut off. Blanking has the characteristics of short acting time, high production efficiency, but requires large shear force, and is suitable for mass production.

From the point of view of the relative position and movement of the cutting tool and leather, the blanking process action can be carried out in the following way: 

Method I: place the leather, non-woven cloth, sponge and other non-metallic materials, execute the stamping mechanism and cutting tool to do cutting movement. Manually make the material material displacement, the next punching.

Method II: good placement of non-metallic materials, cutting tool to do linear motion reciprocating cutting movement, automatic plane displacement of leather non-metallic materials.

Method III: the material does not move, the cutting tool to do and do shift movement.

Summary: the cutting machine is mainly suitable for cutting small parts, the number of single products is relatively large.

2. cutting cutting is the use of scissors tools, segmented continuous material cutting cutting has the characteristics of labor-saving, material from high utilization rate, but the cutting time is long, low production efficiency, labor and time, generally suitable for single, or small batch production. When cutting, cutting tools both do shear and do mobile action, cutting is actually like their own scissors to cut cloth is a truth.

In the selection of cutting method, generally should consider the characteristics of cutting materials, production, production efficiency, to choose the relative equipment.