The Conclusion Of The Cutting Machine

- Jan 02, 2019-

From the application of various CNC cutting machine, the domestic production of CNC cutting machine technology level, the performance of the whole machine and other overall level have made gratifying progress, and gradually catch up with the international advanced level, to meet the needs of users, and further improve the market competitiveness. Some CNC plasma cutting products in China have formed their own unique characteristics in many aspects, to achieve "automation, versatility and high reliability."

In some ways, the technical performance of the product is even greater than that of foreign products. From the development trend, CNC cutting machine market CNC flame Cutting machine will maintain its basic market, water jet cutting market will have a certain degree of increase, and CNC plasma cutting machine, CNC laser cutting machine will become the main force in the plate cutting market, special profile CNC cutting equipment, Contact and contactless non-metallic special CNC cutting equipment will also have a greater space for development, the entire CNC cutting machine market will continue to expand. Improve the production efficiency and cutting quality of CNC cutting machine, reduce the cost of production and use, improve the level of automation and system stability of the whole machine, improve the system function has become the direction of its technical development.