The Nature Of The Cutting Machine​

- May 24, 2019-

The nature of the cutting machine:

One, double cylinder, precision four-column automatic balance linkage mechanism, can ensure the depth of each cutting position is exactly the same.

Second, with the unilateral or bilateral automatic feeding device, the machine production efficiency can be increased by 2 to 3 times; the function of the machine can be fully utilized, and the human resources are greatly saved.

Third, the differential design, quickly drop to the knife die automatic full cut, so that the upper and lower layers are built together, no dimensional error.

Fourth, there will be no cut or edge burrs when cutting environmentally friendly materials PS, EPE, PET, ABS, OPS. The cutting of the food box is a phenomenon in which the powder of the cutting board is stuck on the box.

Fifth, the cutting force fine adjustment device can quickly and optimally obtain the best punching pressure. Because the cutting balance is accurate, the loss of the die and the cutting plate can be greatly reduced.

Sixth, the linear cutting is automatically fed, the feeding and returning materials are light and silent, no vibration, the finished product is easy to put and easy to take, and the safety is high.