The Relationship Between The Tonnage Of The Hydraulic Cutting Machine And The Circumference Of The Cutting Die

- Aug 09, 2019-

The circumference of the cutting die determines the tonnage of the hydraulic cutting machine. The cutting machine work flow is a machine that presses and cuts the material into a desired shape by pressing the instantaneous force (pressure) of the machine motion to the die. Because of its wide range of uses, customers need to change the shape and size. The pressure of various tonnage cutting machines is different depending on the displacement of the oil pump and the diameter of the cylinder. Therefore, be careful when selecting, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.

First, the size of the die is less than 10cm*10cm. For example, in the leather trademark industry, the production of children's shoes, etc., choose about 8 tons of hydraulic rocker arm to cut.

Second, the size of the die is within 10cm*20cm, such as insoles, small crafts, etc. It is recommended to choose a 12-ton cutting machine.

Third, the size of the die is less than 20*30cm. For example, if you want to make uppers, mouse pads, electronic products, canvas gloves, etc., you can choose a 20-ton rocker type hydraulic cutting machine.

Fourth, the die size is larger than 30*30cm, such as bags, bags, clothing, fiberglass, packaging, automotive interiors and other industries can choose flat cutting machine or precision four-column cutting machine.

5. The plastics industry is based on the characteristics of the industry. The width is 1200mm, but the stroke requirement is 20cm. The upper and lower heights are higher. The general cutting machine can't reach its requirements. We Tailong Machinery will develop plastics according to this characteristic. The distance between the upper and lower pressing table of the cutting machine reaches 240mm, and the adjustable stroke of 20cm fully meets this requirement for customers to choose.

In addition, the food industry, such as chocolate, bread, etc., does not require much pressure, but the width of the board must be covered with the die.

Some customers don't understand. When choosing a hydraulic cutting machine, they only consider the price factor. The large die size is also put on the small machine. It always feels that it can be pressed. At first, it can be pressed. I don’t know if it takes a long time. The machine will produce insufficient pressure, or oil leakage, or the oil pump will rupture, so the machine maintenance cost is large, the serious machine bed is broken, and the hydraulic cutting machine has more loss of scrap. Therefore, in terms of investment, choosing the right product for you is really creating benefits for yourself.