Tooth Profile Deviation Of Cutting Machine Gear

- Aug 17, 2020-

The tooth profile of the involute gear reflects the shape change. The deviation of the actual tooth profile from the designed tooth profile is called the tooth profile deviation, which is measured in the end plane and perpendicular to the direction of the involute tooth profile. The designed tooth profile refers to the tooth profile that meets the design regulations, and when there are no special regulations, it refers to the end tooth profile. The tooth profile graph includes the actual tooth profile trace, the designed tooth profile trace and the average tooth profile trace.

Halogen working part is usually the theoretical drain line. In modern gear design, for high-speed gear transmission, in order to reduce the impact, vibration and noise caused by the deviation of the base circle tooth pitch and the elastic deformation of the gear teeth, a modified tooth profile based on the theoretical involute tooth profile is often used, such as repair Edge tooth shape, convex tooth shape, etc., therefore, the design tooth profile can be an open-line tooth profile or a modified tooth layer.