Transmission Mode Structure Of Cutting Machine

- Dec 16, 2020-

The transmission mode structure of cutting machine is introduced

1. According to the transmission form:

A. Mechanical transmission cutting machine: it is an older type of machine.

B. Hydraulic transmission cutting machine: it is a modern and general cutting machine. According to the age, it can be divided into the first generation of plane guide rail hydraulic cutting machine, the second generation of ordinary four-column hydraulic cutting machine, the third generation of precision four-column hydraulic cutting machine and gantry mobile hydraulic cutting machine. 

C. Automatic rolling cutting machine: the whole piece of leather or textile is processed by sandwich method.

D. Computer-controlled water bundles

Cutting machine: is a modern more advanced cutting machine, do not need to use a knife die, according to the input program for cutting. The cutting source is high-pressure water beam generator.

E. Computer-controlled ultrasonic cutting machine: the control form is similar to that of water beam cutting machine, and the punching source is ultrasonic generator.

2. According to the structure:

A. Rocker arm type cutting machine: the punching parts are swing rocker arms, suitable for punching and cutting of leather, natural materials, artificial leather and other non-metallic materials.

B. Gantry mobile cutting machine: The punching part is a punching head that can move around the beam. The knife die can be fixed on the punching head or placed on the processed objects. The punch head of large, computer-controlled gantry cutting machine is equipped with a rotary tool holder, which can be selected according to the program typesetting; Of course, corresponding to the need for automatic feeding mechanism.

C. Plate type cutting machine: The difference between it and gantry type cutting machine is that the beam is directly blanked without movable blanking head.

Plate cutting machine is divided into: beam fixed or beam can move forward and backward and workbench sliding plate can move forward and backward two categories.

D. Four-column precision

Cutting machine: double oil cylinder, four - column automatic balance connecting rod structure.

3. According to the purpose of the processed parts:

A. Special cutting machine: Blister cutting machine suitable for blister processing.

B. Horizontal cutting machine: Suitable for processing tire materials.