Treatment Measures For Leakage Of Hydraulic Pump Of Four-column Cutting Machine

- Jan 28, 2021-

What are the treatment measures for the leakage of the hydraulic pump of the four-column cutting machine? Let's look at the explanation of the cutting machine manufacturer

The leakage of hydraulic cutting machine pressure pump refers to the leakage of hydraulic oil. In the work project, almost all hydraulic pumps will have similar problems. It will not stop the operation of mechanical equipment immediately, but it will reduce the volume of hydraulic pump, reduce the working efficiency, and limit the improvement of the rated pressure of hydraulic pump.

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About the main reasons for cutting machine leakage: because most of the relative moving parts in the hydraulic pump are sealed by gap seal, when the hydraulic pump works, the high-pressure oil in the oil pressure chamber will flow to the oil suction chamber and other low pressure places through the gap, thus forming the leakage. Injection and pressure cutting machine

Therefore, the control of leakage, leakage reduction, is to ensure the normal work of the hydraulic pump is one of the basic conditions. The condition of hydraulic pump leakage is that there is a gap and pressure difference, and the leakage is proportional to the third power of the gap value, and the first power of the pressure difference. Analysis of pump leakage is mainly from the size of the sealing gap, gap pressure difference and whether the movement increases the leakage of three aspects.

Because the machining accuracy of the annular clearance between the plunger and the cylinder hole is easy to control, and the other clearance is easy to compensate, the volumetric efficiency and rated pressure of the plunger pump are high. The main leakage clearance in the vane pump is the end clearance between the rotor and the valve plate, followed by the clearance between the blade and the rotor blade groove, the blade top and the stator inner ring. Middle and high pressure double-acting vane pumps in order to reduce leakage, some will be designed as a floating valve plate, to achieve automatic compensation of end face clearance.

The main leakage clearance of the piston pump of the cutting machine is the annular clearance between the piston and the cylinder hole, followed by the end clearance between the cylinder and the valve plate of the axial piston pump, the plane clearance between the sliding shoe and the swash plate. For radial piston pump in addition to the annular clearance between the piston and the cylinder hole, there is a radial clearance between the cylinder and the valve shaft, the clearance between the sliding shoe and the inner ring of the stator.

Clearance, meshing clearance between two meshing gear teeth. The end clearance of middle and high pressure gear pump is compensated by automatic floating compensation mechanism.

External gear pump, the main clearance is the end face of the gear and before and after the pump cover or the left and right side plate between the end face clearance, followed by the tooth top and the pump body between the radial circle.