Trouble Phenomenon Of Precision Hydraulic Cutting Machine

- Sep 11, 2020-

1. The indicator light is off: the whole machine has no power

2. Transformer fuse burned out: replace the fuse

3. The brake switch is not turned on: turn on the power brake switch

4. When the indicator light is off, the motor can be started: the indicator light bulb is burned out, replace the indicator light bulb

5. The motor cannot be started when the indicator light is on

(1) Motor protection switch trip: Turn on the motor protection switch

(2) The main control contactor is defective or burned out: replace the contactor

(3) Motor burned out: replace the motor

6. The indicator light is on, the motor can be started but not working

(1) Turn the die setting switch to the horizontal position to lock the oil circuit: Turn the die height setting switch to the straight direction

(2) Wrong rotation of the motor: Change the two phase pairs of the motor

(3) Poor contact of the work switch and the end of the thread fall off: Check the line to connect the end

(4) The solenoid valve coil is burnt out: replace the coil or the entire solenoid valve

(5) The solenoid valve spool is stuck: clean the spool

(6) The stroke adjustment handle is loose: reset the die

7. Can't work and can be reset: the circuit board in the electric box is burned out and replaced

8. Can work but cannot be reset: the circuit board in the electric box is burned out, replace the circuit board

9. Insufficient work pressure

(1) The cutting layer is too thick: reduce the layer

(2) The cutter mold setting stroke is adjusted too low: adjust to the proper position

(3) The filter is blocked: clean or replace the filter

(4) The oil pump is damaged: replace the oil pump

10. Oil leakage

(1) Oil cylinder oil seal is aging: replace the oil seal

(2) Loose joints of high-pressure tubing: tighten the joints

11. The motor oil pump is noisy

(1) The rubber particles wear out when the oil pump rotates: replace the rubber particles

(2) The filter is blocked: clean the filter

(3) Hydraulic oil loss: add enough hydraulic oil

(4) Oil pump bearing damage: replace the bearing

(5) The oil seal at the shaft end of the oil pump is aging: replace the oil seal

(6) Motor bearing damage: replace the bearing

12. After the speed slows down or rises, it crashes and cannot rise or fall

(1) The oil cylinder sealing ring is aging: replace the sealing ring

(2) The solenoid valve core is severely worn: replace the solenoid valve

(3) The viscosity of the pressure oil decreases: replace the pressure oil

(4) Poor board contact: check the circuit

(5) The main circuit cannot be switched: check the circuit

(6) Solenoid valve stuck: clean the valve body