Uncertain Pressure On The Cutting Machine

- Aug 13, 2019-

The hydraulic cutting machine has been used for a long time. Many users will find that the pressure plate is unevenly stressed at both ends. I don't know how to solve it!

 So why does it cause cutting = uneven pressure on both sides of the feeder? Uniform pressure is generally understood as the upper and lower workbench without any gaps (theoretically) being the best. Because the accuracy and cutting effect of the machine are determined by the size of the gap between the upper and lower tables. The gap value of a good manufacturer is generally controlled below 0.05mm.

First of all, the flatness of the upper workbench and the lower workbench should be guaranteed. Generally, the machine tool will be guaranteed to be less than 0.05mm after machining. In addition, the four-column or guide rail of the upper and lower workbench should be connected to ensure the machining accuracy. Repeated adjustments can meet the requirements. The parallelism of the upper and lower worktables should not exceed 0.1 mm before leaving the factory.

There are many manufacturers of machines that will experience uneven pressure after a period of use, generally for the following reasons:

1, long-term overpressure use.

2, the large workbench uses the knife die for a long time and is used in the center position.

3, the knife mold is used for a long time before or after or around.

4, enough to buy a low-quality, low-cost machine.

The above is roughly the cause of uneven pressure.

How to solve: Generally, the uneven pressure has different depths before and after, and the depth is not the same as the depth of the whole large area. The difference between the front and rear or the left and right depth can be solved by correction. The entire large area and depth need to be reworked (it is more troublesome to return to the factory).

In order to have a long service life of the hydraulic cutting machine, the maintenance of the daily machine is indispensable! Good maintenance work can maintain the good performance of the cutting machine and maintain the life of the parts. The daily maintenance and precautions for the hydraulic cutting machine are as follows:

 First, basic maintenance:

1. The surface of the hydraulic cutting machine should be wiped clean frequently, and the lubricating oil should not be stained to avoid the cutting matter and affect the appearance of the finished product.

2, the seesaw can not be left with debris, or contaminated with oil, it is best to clean every day to keep it clean.

3, add lubricants should be careful not to touch other parts, if it must be wiped clean.

4. After using the cutting machine, be sure to clean the surroundings to keep the machine clean.

 Second, fine maintenance:

1. When using the hydraulic pressure cutting machine, pay attention to whether the oil in the oil pot still has a display. If it is not displayed, it means there is no lubricating oil. Please fill in the lubricating oil.

2. When the lubricating oil is sent to the four sliding shafts, just swing the handles back and forth.

3, hydraulic oil is recommended to use 68 # or 46 # hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil is generally replaced once a year.

4. The hydraulic cutting machine starts after long-term shutdown and lubricates four sliding shafts.