Understand The Name Of The Cutting Machine In Each Area

- May 28, 2019-

Understand the name of the cutting machine in each area

Every item must have different names in many different places. After all, the culture and language of each area are very different. Let's take a brief look at the names of the cutting machines in various countries and regions. !

In Taiwan, people call it a cutting machine based on the coincidence of their English transliteration and Chinese meaning;

In Hong Kong, people call it a beer machine according to its function; on the mainland, people call it a cutting machine according to its use.

In foreign countries, the cutting machine is generally marked with CutterMaching in English. Of course, the cutting machine is directly translated, which is a processing machine used for punching various flexible materials in industrial production. This kind of machine matches many different names according to local customs.

In foreign countries, people call it a cutting machine;

In China's coastal areas, there are some corresponding titles for this product.

For example, Guangdong people call it a cutting machine. Fujian people call it a punching machine. Wenzhou people call it a blanking machine. Shanghai people call it a cutting machine. In some places, it is called a cutting machine, a die cutting machine, a punching machine, and a shoe machine. and many more.

All these names naturally form the keyword of the cutting machine. In fact, most people are still used to calling it a cutting machine.