What Categories Can The Division Machine Be Divided Into By Structure?

- Jun 06, 2019-

What categories can the division machine be divided into by structure?

There are many types of cutting machines, and they can be classified according to various types. Today, Xiaobian intends to take a brief look at which categories can be classified according to the structure. What is the structure of the following? Sort it!

Four-column precision cutting machine

Double cylinder, four-column automatic balance link structure.

Flat cutting machine

It differs from the gantry cutter in that the beam is directly punched and there is no punching head that can be moved. The flat cutting machine is further divided into two categories: the beam is fixed or the beam can be moved back and forth and the table slide can be moved back and forth.

Automatic step feeding feeding head cutting machine

Rocker arm cutting machine

The punching part is a swingable rocker arm suitable for punching of non-metallic materials such as leather, natural materials and artificial leather.

Gantry cutting machine

The punching member is a punching head that can move left and right along the beam, and the die can be fixed on the punching head or placed on the workpiece. A large, computer-controlled gantry cutting machine punch is equipped with a rotatable die holder, which can be selected according to the program layout and select the corresponding tool; of course, an automatic feeding mechanism is required.