What Factors May Cause The Rocker Cutting Machine​ To Stop Working

- Jun 12, 2019-

What factors may cause the rocker cutting machine to stop working

1. the switch is damaged

Damage to the switch fittings is extremely prone to the failure of the entire machine. This is because the switch button will be damaged after the switch button is damaged, that is, the circuit is not connected. In this case, you only need to use the multimeter to check it. When the switch causes problems, then directly replace the new switch.

2. the oil pump is damaged or the oil is too little

The hydraulic oil level of the hydraulic pump of the rocker cutting machine must be higher than the filter three centimeters. After the determination, look at the circulating flow of the hydraulic oil in the oil pump after starting the power. Otherwise, it is necessary to check whether the oil pump is normal.

3. motor reversal

Motor reversal is an important factor causing the failure of the rocker cutting machine. The direction of rotation of the motor should be consistent with the steering of the steering target. If there is no steering target on the machine, the steering of the cooling fan can be observed. Normally, it should be clockwise. If the steering of the developed motor is wrong, then you can swap any two of the three-phase power cables.

4. the oil pipe or universal joint falls off

The oil pipe and the universal joint are used to connect the oil circuit block and the oil cylinder. If it falls off, the hydraulic oil cannot enter the oil cylinder, and the rocker arm cutting machine naturally cannot move.

5. the cylinder seal is detached or damaged

Open the tank guard to check, the cylinder seal should be placed inside the cylinder (not visible on the outside). If the seal is seen, the cylinder seal has been removed. The reason is: the rocker is too high (this case) More).

6. the solenoid valve is damaged or not powered

The solenoid valve is the action actuator. After the damage or jam, the rocker cutter can't move.