What Should Be Paid Attention To When Hydraulic Oil Is Low Temperature

- Oct 25, 2019-

Lubrication of hydraulic cutting machine is an important measure to reduce wear of parts in operation and avoid failure. Poor lubrication of bearing of hydraulic cutting machine leads to death of heat and other accidents.Therefore, lubrication is an important part of the maintenance of the cutting machine.Implement lubrication "five definite" method, it will be the daily lubrication work standardization, institutionalization, content refining, simple and easy to remember.

The specific content is:

Fixed point: determine the lubrication part, lubrication point and check point of the equipment.

Quality: according to the specification of the machine grease brand oil.

Quantitative: determine the amount of lubrication parts of the equipment, prevent waste, control equipment leakage.

Regular: according to the time specified in the machine manual oil, oil and cleaning oil, ensure timely lubrication.

Appoint an engineer: the operator or maintenance worker that determines lubrication work, the responsibility goes to a person.

What happens when the oil pressure cutting machine is at low temperature?

According to the situation reported by the customer "when deep when shallow, sometimes obviously weak" this phenomenon, the engineer suggested to check the hydraulic oil cutting machine first whether the time is long, dirty, or viscosity is relatively large, the need to replace a new, clean hydraulic oil, the customer said the oil is new, only to replace not long.

Then: engineers see according to the customer, the customer are from the north, and it is just in the winter, the engineer asked: what kind of hydraulic oil used in hydraulic cutting machine, the customer is 46 # hydraulic oil, engineers decided that it should be because of the cold air temperature is low, cause the hydraulic oil viscosity increased, become thick, lead to a customer reflect problems, let the customer changed the 37 # hydraulic oil try again, the problem is not appeared.