What To Do When Electrical Failure

- Aug 24, 2020-

Electrical faults generally include: the main motor reverses, and the motor rotation can be distinguished from the direction of the motor's cooling fan. Clockwise means forward rotation. The relay is burned out. If the relay is burnt out, there will be black marks on the inner wall. If you find that the inner wall of the relay is burnt, please replace it first, because it is easier to replace the relay, so it should be eliminated first. The contactor has poor contact, which is mainly manifested as the motor does not rotate or the start button does not pull in. The thermal relay trips, and the motor will not rotate when the thermal relay trips. After the thermal relay trips, you will see the word R next to the current adjustment button. Press reset to restore. If the line is damaged, there is no shortcut to refer to if the line is damaged, it can only be checked step by step.