What To Do When Hydraulic Failure

- Aug 25, 2020-

The hydraulic failure causes the hydraulic cutting machine to not operate generally: the oil pump is not sucking oil or is damaged. If the oil pump is not sucking oil or is damaged, the hydraulic oil cannot be seen circulating in the machine oil tank, so we only need to observe whether the hydraulic oil is circulating or not. It can judge whether the fault comes from the oil pump. The solenoid valve is stuck. If the fault is caused by the stuck solenoid valve, the upper workbench will fall below and cannot be recovered and the workbench will run to the top and become stuffy when the motor is started. If the tubing is broken and the oil is leaking seriously, it is better to check if the tubing is broken and leaking oil. It can be seen at a glance by removing the surrounding guards.

In summary, we can gradually check from simple to difficult according to the specific situation. The editor now briefly gives my own inspection steps and methods for your reference; first press the start button, the motor rotates and continue to check the next step, if the motor does not rotate, check the starting circuit until the motor can be started; press the cutting button after the motor starts (If the upper workbench falls below, please press the emergency stop button) Observe whether the solenoid valve light is on. If it is not, check the circuit. If it is on, it proves that there is no problem with the circuit. Continue to check the hydraulic system. Checking in this way can first determine the general problem and then check it carefully, saving time and easier to find the root cause of the failure.