What To Pay Attention To When Repairing Automatic Cutting Machine

- May 25, 2020-

When the cutting machine fails during the operation, the maintenance of the machine itself is a very cumbersome thing, but we should pay more attention to it during the repair process. We cannot ignore many problems because of the cumbersomeness. Share a few things about the maintenance of the cutting machine:

1. When the machine stops working for more than 24 hours, relax the fixed mode of the handwheel to prevent other parts from being injured.

2. There must be enough space around to provide conditions for the placement of machinery, and provide enough space for machine maintenance to check

3. If you hear abnormal sounds when starting up, you need to stop the power detection immediately.

4. Please keep in touch with the company's professional masters at any time and reflect the specific situation of the cutting machine to the company's technical staff.

5. In order to avoid the risk of electric shock from the cutting machine, the ground terminal must be reliably grounded during use. Pay attention to the need to keep the hands dry and relevant professionals to operate.

6. Before pressing the machine, make the pressure plate fully cover the knife mold. It is forbidden for the staff to approach the machine to move the pressure field. Turn off the motor when leaving the machine.

7. The hydraulic oil in the fuel tank needs to be replaced after about 1 quarter of use, especially when the new machine uses oil for the first time. The new machine should be used for about one month after installation or oil change. The oil net must be cleaned. And when changing the hydraulic oil, the oil tank must be cleaned thoroughly.

8. When the machine starts to work, the problem of oil must be controlled within a certain range before operation. If the temperature of the oil is too low, it is necessary to allow the oil pump to continue to work for a certain period of time. Only the oil pump can exert its efficiency.

Nine, do not loosen the nut of any terminal, otherwise it may be the poor connection of the motor and electrical wiring, and the lack of phase operation, resulting in the possibility of burnout and material damage.