Why The Automatic Cutting Machine Has A Slow Down Speed But A Normal Rising Speed?

- May 22, 2019-

Why the automatic cutting machine has a slow down speed but a normal rising speed?

1. Check that the travel switch is stuck or the travel switch is broken;

2. Change the position of the relay and press firmly;

3. The solenoid valve is faulty, such as a stuck valve;

4. Oil pump pumping failure requires professional inspection;

Contactors are divided into AC contactors (voltage AC) and DC contactors (voltage DC), which are used for power, distribution and power. The contactor refers broadly to an electrical appliance that uses a coil to flow a current to generate a magnetic field in an industrial power to close the contact to achieve a controlled load.

If the motor of the cutting machine is overloaded, the current in the winding increases, the current in the thermal relay element increases, the temperature of the bimetal rises higher, the bending degree increases, the herringbone lever is pushed, and the herringbone lever pushes the normally closed. The contact disconnects the AC contactor coil circuit, causes the contactor to release, cuts off the power of the motor, and the motor is stopped to be protected.

The relief valve is a hydraulic pressure control valve, which mainly plays the role of constant pressure overflow, voltage regulation, system unloading and safety protection in the hydraulic equipment of the cutting machine. In the assembly or use of the relief valve, due to the damage of the O-ring, the combined seal, or the looseness of the mounting screws and fittings, it may cause undue external leakage. If the poppet valve or the main spool is worn too much, or the sealing surface is not well contacted, it will cause excessive internal leakage and even affect normal operation.